Class Descriptions

Wiarton Fitness Centre is please to offer a range of classes. There is a class for everyone, no matter what your level of fitness may be.  Let our instructors motivate you to take your workouts to the next level.

  • Blast those calories away with a combination of intervals! This class will start with a warm up , followed by breaking out into various cardio and weight intervals.  The intervals will challenge you in a whole new way to deliver an all over body work out! This class will end with whole body stretch and cool down.

  • This class is great for beginners and those in need of a whole body tune up! Work your core and various muscular groups with a variety of exercises on the mat, using equipment on occasion. The mat work is nicely complimented with stretches for every area of the body infused throughout the workout.

  • It’s a low impact, highly effective workout based around working your core, and aligning your body.  Use a variety of bands, weights and exercises to improve flexibility, strength, balance and posture.  Enjoy the feel good atmosphere that this class promotes and learn the importance of breath and muscular engagement.

  • Tone all over while working your core with every move. This class is based around the Pilates method and is infused with weights, bands and props to add intensity while focusing in whole body conditioning.  Modifications are made for all levels of fitness and strength.

  • A non stop, cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits for a slim, trim, powerfully toned you!

  • The perfect combination for cardio, challenge, and sculpting all over. This class will lead you through various combinations on the step while periodically using hand weights and resistance equipment to tone all over. Modification will be given for all levels.

  • It’s time to get riding! Get your heart rate up, and keep the impact down. Enjoy a class that simulates cycling on the road while adding extra elements of interest and challenge.  Work through various aspects of riding, including sprints, endurance, hill climbs and intervals that are sure to get you sweating and having fun!


  • Mindful movement and muscular conditioning! Flow through various Yoga, Zenga, and Pilates based moves that challenge your core and all over muscular stability.  This class is all about moving and working while sculpting your body from head to toe!

  • Join the joyful practice of Yoga.  This class uses a combination of movement, postures and breath to build strength, flexibility and balance. An all levels class with focus on alignment. Beginners will safely learn the basics while more experienced students can take postures to a deeper level.

PLEASE NOTE: Classes may change at any time, based on a minimum of 3 participants for a class to run