Meet Our Instructors

Meet Our Instructors

Jessica Hastings

WFC  Spin Instructor Jessica Hastings has an adventurous spirit and diverse fitness interests.  A Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist with CanFitPro, Jessica enjoys the fun and social aspect of fitness programming.  She keeps her programs lighthearted and welcoming, and caters to the needs of each particular class group. 

Jessica is certified in levels 1, 2 and Seniors Yoga with Yogafit Canada. She also has levels 1-5 in Art of Assisting with yoga. Her  total amount of hours certified in yoga is 85.

Jessica is also certified in the Art of Assisting with yoga Jessica is certified in adult, child and infant CPR as well as automatic external defibrillation and maintains her certification annually. Outside the studio, Jessica keeps busy chasing her two kids Kolby and Arkelle, and running her successful local farm/retail business LAMBlicious located in Park Head.

Shelly Jutras web

Shelley Jutras

Hi I’m Shelley Jutras a CanFitPro Certified  Fitness Instructor Specialist since 2011, with annual attendance at the Toronto Fitness Conference, upgrading skills and keeping up to date with the latest trends in health and fitness.

I also am a Piloxing Instructor certified since 2013. I am a power house Booty Barre Instructor  always keeping you motivated and will make you work hard while having fun! I am CPR certified annually since 2011.

 I have run 2 of the Shore to Shore Races here in South Bruce Peninsula.  First Race in 2010 – 71 min. run, placed 110 over 217 runners, and 6th place over 29 runner in my category. Next year in 2011 improved my stats, 67 min run, placed 70 over 207 runners and 5th place over 34 runners in my category.

Fitness has been one of my passions and part of my life since my younger years, including track and field as a long distant runner and high jump for several years. Fitness is about feeling good on the inside/out.

Dianne Adams Wiarton Fitness Centre

Dianne Adams CTYMP, PTS, FIS

Dianne Adams has been in the Health & Fitness industry for over 15 years.  Her style encompasses a very Holistic Approach to everything she does and especially in her classes.
As a Yoga teacher, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist, Dianne includes many different styles and modalities to each class she teaches.  During a class you may have a Yoga warm up, then move into a Pilates type class and enjoy a different ending to the class which may include Latin Dancing, Booty Barre, Tai Chi, Self Directed Massage or another healing specialty that she brings to the room.  No two classes are the exact same.  The classes are about having fun, creating balance and relaxation and realizing that fitness is not a job, it’s a lifestyle of inner and outer health.
You will leave Dianne’s classes feeling that you had an incredible “work out” but on a deeper level will feel relaxed and more in line with your inner and outer self.
Harriet Nixon certified Yoga Teacher

Harriet Nixon, Certified Yoga Teacher

Harriet took her Yoga Teacher Training in Houston, Texas and has been teaching Yoga in Wiarton and the Bruce Peninsula for over 14 years. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Yoga and likes the fact that Yoga is not competitive. She feels it can benefit “every body”.  She is also a Reiki Master and sometimes incorporates healing touches during her Yoga classes. She continues taking workshops as part of her professional development. Harriet is very pleased to be part of the teaching team at the Wiarton Fitness Centre.

Ralph Sprague PTS

Ralph Sprague, PTS

My fitness journey began in the early 1980’s when I participated in a 6 month fitness evaluation program sponsored by the Canadian Government, the University of Toronto, the Canada Life Assurance Co. and the North American Insurance Co. This program was designed to study the effects of a regular fitness program on employees, comparing those results to individuals who did not participate in any form of exercise, the results were so favourable that this became the basis for workplace fitness in Canada and throughout the world. I have been involved in some form of fitness ever since. I received my Personal Training Specialist Certification and CPR Certification in May 2013 and have been providing Orientations at the Wiarton Fitness Centre since that time.

Janice Box

Janice Box

In the beginning I Graduated from East General Toronto as a R.N. and in the spare time I showed horses for many years. From there I took Night school courses for weight lifting and received certification in physical fitness and weight training in Woodstock. My Husband and I owned a gym for 16 years in Woodstock, and trained many members for competition and also formed the Special Olympics Powerlifting Team. One of the members has now won Gold in 2 Olympics.

I have Competed twice at national level in body building and have done several adventure races which include trail runs, mountain biking and canoing. My husband and I enjoy sailing, kayaking and biking. 

I teach a Core Stability Ball class on Mondays at 12:15 and I am a certified PT here at the Wiarton Fitness Centre and would love to help you strengthen and Reach your goals.

Andrew Box

Andrew Box

Growing up I played competitively in soccer, basketball and cross country running. Starting weightlifting as a way to improve my athletic career which developed further when my wife Janice and I opened our own fitness centre. During those 16 years I won the Canadian power lifting championship, setting records. Placed 3rd twice at the Canadian bodybuilding championships, raced mountain bikes, which led to adventure racing which I’ve been doing ever since.

I become a qualified instructor when I took courses to become an official power lifting coach and was part of
Team Ontario, then as Team Canada, coaching at the worlds in Greece in 2011, helping 4 athletes to win individual gold medals and set world records.

I also run marathons and coach athletes around the world to reach new limits running anything from their first 5k to marathons and ultra marathons. Are you Ready to start your Fitness Journey?